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Beauty and Holistic Treatments

With over 40 million working days lost each year to stress-related illness, Holistics has an important role to play in supporting the physical and mental well being of people living in a fast-moving modern world where there is little time to consider our own needs and the impact that this can have on our families, friends and work based relationships.

My aim is to run a small, friendly business in a pleasant and peaceful setting where people can feel at ease, enjoying health restoring, relaxing holistic and beauty treatments to suit their needs.

At 'Body and Sole' we are able to mix suitable products for clients to take home to enhance and prolong the therapeutic and relaxing nature of their treatments.

Why not take a little time out and come along and try one of the many treatments at 'Body and Sole' in the relaxed and peaceful surroundings of our garden view room?

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Forever Living

We are proud to grow our own aloe vera plants that are nurtured, harvested and hand filleted by hand to extract the inner leaf gel. This gel is made into our lovely products. Our company has existed for forty years and does not test any part of the products on animals. The company offers a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the products you have purchased. Products include drinking gels, bee products, vitamins, weight management products, beauty products, products that are suitable for pets and essential oils.

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Enjoy these unique products that utilise the special properties of pure, natural ingredients using plants and herbs, minerals and essential oils.

For your face and body care, sun care and aromatherapy, Monu harness the remarkable recuperative power of nature to soothe, nurture and protect your skin and refresh your inner being.

And as you'd expect, no MONU formulation contains damaging chemicals, artificial perfumes, or synthetic colours; nor do we test them on animals.

Art Deco

Helmut Baurecht founded ARTDECO thirty years ago. For 15 years, ARTDECO has been Germany's undisputed market leader in cosmetics and women in 78 countries around the world now use our products to emphasize their individual beauty