Heather's background

I was born in Lancashire in 1954, but spent most of my childhood in Yorkshire, so I consider myself to be a bit of a Yorkshire lass at heart. I also spent 3 years training to be a teacher in York from 1972. I still love York, the surrounding countryside and coastline. It was part of my childhood and we have made many happy memories in this lovely part of the world since, along with my husband, daughters and their husbands and my young grandson.

I never imagined that I would have a Holistics and Beauty business as a young woman. I was a Music and Drama teacher in a number of secondary schools in Derbyshire then Nottingham County, then in Nottingham city. I worked long hours and gained steady promotions throughout my career. In 2006, I decided that there was more to life than sitting up into the wee small hours working for other people, and it was time I did something new. By this time, I had two grown up daughters and a 6 year old second marriage. I felt it was really time to branch out. In school I had talked to students about not having one career for life and I was now leading the way myself! I remember my Head Mistress as was then, at the age of 18 calling me into her office and asking me what subject I was going to teach - not what career are you thinking of training for. How things have changed - I wonder what she would think of me now?

So, off I went to East Midlands College of Health and Beauty in September 2006 as a student. I was also doing 2 days consultancy work in education at the same time - more long nights! I started my courses being determined to gain the very best grades. I worked really hard and opened my business. East Midlands College invited me back as a lecturer 1 year after I qualified. I lectured for a few years until my business named Body and Sole really took off - my husband's idea - body for the massage and beauty and sole for the sole of the feet - my reflexology. As business flourished, I was also asked to work with Glendair Dental Practice in Alfreton as part of their new Botox and Filler Clinics - I still do this, giving skin care advice, relaxing patients with great relaxation techniques and supporting the Dentist administering the injection.

My business has grown and thrived, I think due to great up to date treatments, regular new training courses, a bespoke business where most things are made possible in luxurious surroundings and fabulous clients who regularly recommend me to others.